Do Not Be Afraid to SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT!

When you were first diagnosed, what thoughts came to your mind?

Anxiety of the unknown?
How will this affect my family?
How will this affect my job?

These thoughts are common for anyone newly diagnosed. But one thing I have noticed amongst my lupus community is the growing number of patients who fear speaking on how they feel with family, their physician, or even their management team member at work.

Any diagnosis is a lot to take in and understand. But one thing that we all possess is the power to understand or explain what our body is experiencing. There are so many emotions that come with a diagnosis and if we do not verbalize what is going on, how can we expect others to understand? SPEAK UP.

Trust your body! Listen to your body! Do not be afraid to explain how you feel or reveal what is going on with you physically or mentally. YOU ARE YOUR GREATEST ADVOCATE! SPEAK OUT!

I could have died 2 years ago when I went to the ER with bloody urine with clots and they wanted me to go home with an indwelling catheter and see a urologist in the morning. I refused and just had a gut instinct that I would not be safe at home. I would not sign any discharge paperwork until they could make sure I could go home safely. They never could! I live with my two adult sons and didn’t know how I would unclog the catheter from clots? I was eventually seen by a hospitality who admitted me and I was in the hospital 4 days, had IV antibiotics and blood transfusions. I will never forget the nurse who was so irritated because I wouldn’t sign her discharge paperwork. I will always be grateful that I stood up for myself!